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Bio (UK)

bio, english version | Posted by electro square
mai 08 2009


Electro square has been created in 2003. He’s one guy who started  as  a guitar player in different rock bands as « Killing Kaïser ». Then he began to make music with computers using samplers, synthetizers and guitars. He’s first album released in jully of 2004 distributed by Musicast and was a very ambiant music which remind some kind of soundtracks. Electro-square use to compose his music with sounds of real life recorded in any places(factories, nature, cities, etc… ) mixed and transformed or not in the tracks. He also played some guitar on this album adding some vocal samples.
Then, after several gig experiences like the festival of Neoules in south of France (2006), the Electro square music radically change getting more rock. We can feel influences of David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Girls against Boys or Nine Inch Nail on his second album called « Frenzy » released in 2008 january and distributed on Itunes, Napster or Emusic by DBC records. « Frenzy » sounds like a kind of mix between electro and rock music adding lyrics and saturated guitars on a quiet fast tempo.
At present Electro square is working on a 3rd album…

you can listen to few tracks here